Third Time’s A Charm (a.k.a. Do not blog for the wrong reasons)

Here is a somewhat shameful secret. It’s a nerdy secret. This is my third blog. And I gave up on the first two.

The first was back in 2007 right before I finished with grad school. The blog was on the Blogger platform and discussed urban issues. However, I was a novice at the whole urban development, planning, commercial real estate game so…I ran out of topics to discuss really quick. I was also working on my thesis which didn’t help in the researching for leisure/fun to provide opinions on the blog so I game up. That first blog actually did okay in that I attracted the attention of a couple of well-known bloggers. In fact, one of my men grad school colleagues made the observation that only men were commenting on my blog (I have my reasons why he felt the need to bring this up). However, it would make sense considering I work in an industry that is heavily male dominated.

Fast forward to earlier this summer and I got the idea to start a blog on green careers. Fine and well enough, however, I am not an HR professional and my bias is towards careers focusing on urban planning, urban policy and architecture. Because that is what I know. If you were looking for information on installing solar panels and wind farms and ‘clean coal’, it was the wrong place. My reasons for starting that blog were a bit shady as well. I wanted to become a blogging all-star. Which might have happened had I 1) actually cared enough about the subject material 2) cared enough to learn about the subject matter inside and out and 3) not been so pressed about being known. Besides, most people are not going to focus on such a specified subject area. There is a such thing of having too much of a niche!

By the way, if anyone out there wants to buy the domain address, contact me!

I truly think I have hit my stride with Wicked Urbanity. Why? I care. I care about the issues that impact cities and metro areas. I have heated conversations with my friends and family around the dinner tables (can’t wait ’til Thanksgiving for the next row!). I also care about showing the interwebs my budding skill as an amateur photographer. Also, I care deeply about international development. Besides, this is the first time, I was able to sit down and in 30 minutes come up with almost 50 topics to discuss. That never happened with the last two tries. Like I said, the reasons before were screwy. This time, I feel like I have found my blogging groove.

This must be a really self-centered post with all the “I” this and “I” that. Oh well.

Vanessa Nicole, The Urbaness Wonk

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