Off-Topic Friday

To date, I have 7 backlogged posts that I am attempting to finish up for this blog plus an essay to be published in an anthology on Resilient Cities.  I am really excited about the essay as it will be my first real published work outside of my graduate thesis.  In the meantime, the posts here will be not as in-depth that I would like but still interesting.  With that said, let Off-Topic Friday commence, where I provide all the jewels and gems I have come across on the web during the week.

“The Good Wife” Is Not Only Smart TV But Offers Women Many Valuable Lessons in Love & Live – Acts of Faith in Love & Life

Everybody Is Your Peer (or How to Connect With People) – Ridiculously Extraordinary

The Coming of the Shopocalypse – Get Rich Slowly

How to Fix Your Broken Relationship With Stuff – Rowdy Kittens

…And my favorite architecture-related pic of the week – Baltimore at Dusk

Baltimore at Dusk HDR
Source: Reciprocal of Phi Photography (Flickr)

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