Off-Topic Friday 11/19/10

This week was a rough one. Between getting over the flu, dealing with office politics, and hunting (at the supermarket) for a respectable turkey for Thanksgiving, this off-topic Friday almost did not happen. But alas, here I am with pre-Thanksgiving goodies from the interwebs.

Not really off-topic but a good blog post: A Municipal Planner’s Call to Arms (and Legs, Hearts and Lungs) – PlaceShakers and NewsMakers

Facing Your Fears:  Tales of a Fly Female Entrepreneur – Uptown Magazine

Goodbye Hungary – Traditional Cultures are Disappearing Fast – Jet Set Citizen

Beware of the Fake Farmers Market at the Grocery Store – Natural News

Facebook Fatigue, Friendship and Focus – The Extinct Existentialist

…the architecture photo of the week is a beautiful shot of Lisbon, Portugal at sunset

Sunset at Lisboa
Source: Francisco Antunes (Flickr)


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