Off-Topic Friday – WordPress Surfing

Off-topic Friday fell off for the last few weeks but its back (no excuses). Over the past few days, I’ve been exploring other WordPress blogs and found a ton of wonderful content.  Check out the links below to learn about what is going on in the WordPress-sphere:

France – Where vegetarianism meets the world’s most sophisticated cuisine, or not – Going Bright Green

Top ten things NOT to do with your press release – Brendon’s Blog

A Day Spent Without My Arm – I Mean My Phone – GigaOM

Lessons from Cáncun – Eurobee

The architecture photo picks this week are inspired by the movie “Inception.”  I watched the movie last night (my second viewing) and paid more attention to the cityscapes.  The first time I saw the movie, I was just attempting to keep up with the plot!

Shinjuku skyline at night, Tokyo Source: PFC (Flickr)

Tangier, Morocco (served as a stand in for Mombasa in the movie)

Tangier Skyline Source:  eric.gilbertsen (Flickr)

Los Angeles


Source: Eric 5D Mark II (Flickr)

Finding a good skyview of Paris began to grate on my nerves during my photo search so no Paris photos this time around.


2 Comments on “Off-Topic Friday – WordPress Surfing”

  1. brendonshank says:

    Thanks, Vanessa! Love the photos.

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