A Holiday Break of Sorts…

Until January, I will be on a blogging hiatus. In between finishing up an essay on sustainability, family business, and side business commitments, my blogging venture has suffered a bit. I have roughly 30 something topics in the WordPress blog queue to address and will get to finally finish them in the new year. With that said, have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy the following ‘Christmastime in Baltimore’ photos.

Washington Monument Lighting
Baltimore December 2010
Source: live.dangerously (Flickr)

Season’s Greetings from a Baltimore sidewalk (North Charles Street)
Seasons greetings on the sidewalk
Source: mddailyrecord (Flickr)

This photo appears to be somewhere in Downtown
baltimore building glowing christmas star
Source: photographynatalia (Flickr)

34th Street, Hampden
Decorated to the nines
Source: cr4ig. (Flickr)

Continental City Fife and Drum Corps, Mayor’s Christmas Parade
Continental City Fife And Drum Corps
Source: meg21210 (Flickr)


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