2011 Blog Resolutions

Happy New Year Dear Readers!  The photo below is titled ‘Brand New Day.’ So appropriate to start off the first day of the new year, don’t you think?  {For any of the readers that are deep into house music, this photo reminded me of the song “Brand New Day” by Louie Vega}

Brand New Day - 1600x1200 - ID 41686 - PREMIUM
Source: Jens Feldhaus (Flickr)

I hope you had a wonderful and peaceful holiday season.  Its time to get back in the grind now and with that thought, here are my plans for Wicked Urbanity in 2011:

  • Explore Baltimore more and discuss my findings
  • Begin traveling again, which will mean more material for this blog.  I love to talk about traveling
  • Discuss matters related to infrastructure that impact us  all, on a local and national level
  • Purchase a better camera for the benefit of this site.  Suggestions on cameras are welcomed.  FYI:  I do not want to go above $200, I’m on a budget!
  • At some point, find one of those twitter buttons that fits in with the minimalist style of this blog (meaning nothing over the top)

Since my life has become busier than expected, I plan on posting twice weekly.  One post will be a ‘serious’ topic and the other will still be my Off-Topic Fridays.  I love going off topic so that type of post definitely stays.

For the bloggers out there, do you have any 2011 blog resolutions?  I would like to hear/read them, because I am nosey. Ha!

Here’s to an awesome and productive 2011,

Vanessa Nicole

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