I Wish I Still Lived in Bolton Hill…

But I like having a driveway and not sharing a wall with anyone else.

Last year (for reasons beyond the significance of this blog) I moved from the outer limits of downtown Baltimore. I lived on the edge of Bolton Hill on Park Avenue. And it was great. My apartment, the convenience to everything – downtown, Penn Station, the Light Rail, the Meyerhoff Symphony, the Lyric Opera House, all those wonderful restaurants on Charles Street – good times.

As an urban planner, everyday I work on projects that focus on sustainability, mixed-use developments and the creation of livable neighborhoods, my living arrangements fit what I did, what I preached.

Then I moved. To Northeast Baltimore. To a neighborhood that looks like an older suburb but with more charm. This is the part of town I am originally from so there is some nostalgia on my part. However, unless you live on (or very close to) Harford or Bel Air Road, Moravia Road or Northern Parkway, public transportation is not convenient at all. You have to drive everywhere, ugh. I suppose you could drive to the bus stop or the Metro station but then you have to deal with parking issues (and overzealous meter monitors). And gas is above $3 again which makes matters more challenging.

But I like driving sometimes.  Living in a completely residential neighborhood isn’t all bad.

I think this makes me some sort of urban planning/new urbanism hypocrite.

Ah well, maybe I will move back to a more dense environment at a later time.  Because I really enjoyed it as well.

Rant over, will get back to posting less emo blog posts this week.


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