Majora Carter on Local Eco-Entrepreneurship

I first learned of Majora Carter and her work back in 2006 while checking out TED videos on urban planning. The TED talk Ms. Carter gave back then was titled ‘Greening the Ghetto’, describing how she came back to her community in the South Bronx to improve the living conditions through green initiatives.  It was such an aspiring talk that I have followed Ms. Carter’s career ever since.  This TED talk discusses three examples of eco-entrepreneurship and is just as inspirational as the ‘Greening the Ghetto’ talk.  Ms. Carter is passionate about her purpose which comes across on the below video.  Check it out, you will learn a great deal.


4 Comments on “Majora Carter on Local Eco-Entrepreneurship”

  1. Anne1 says:

    I love the TED project but had no previous knowledge about Mrs. Carter. I agree with and support her thoughts on “sustainable solutions” as I am taking up the challenge as well. She gave a wonderful speech and has added me to the list of yet another adoring fan.

  2. Anne1,

    Thank you for stopping by. Carter does such good work she is truly an inspiration. I stopped by your blog and love the concept.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

    -Vanessa Nicole

  3. Anne1 says:

    You like? Thank you so much {smiling}. I’m a fan of your blog in general but I enjoyed this post in particular because it aligned with my mission to feature smart, successful woman. Great post and keep up the GREAT work you are doing!

  4. @Anne1

    Woo hoo a Wicked Urbanity fan! I love it. And thank you for the encouragement!

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