My Favorite Urban Blogs & Websites

I watched Oprah Winfrey’s new network OWN over the holiday weekend on and off and decided to do a ‘favorite things’ blog post that highlights interesting urban/city-focused blogs and websites (if you have never watched Oprah you will not get the ‘favorite things’ reference). This list is not in any particular order.

1. Harlem Bespoke (@HarlemBespoke)

Back in the early part of the 2000s, I had a boyfriend/college sweetheart who was from NYC, Harlem to be exact.  And I liked visiting him during school breaks in large part because I would get visit Harlem (shhh don’t repeat that).  Harlem Bespoke is a lovely blog that transports me back to all that walking – around the corner to  the subway station at 145th Street, to all the stores on the Avenue, walking around one of the City College campuses (I don’t remember which one).  For that, Harlem Bespoke, thank you for keeping me up to date on  the Harlem happenings.

2. Car Free Baltimore (@CarFreeBaltimore)

One man’s tale of living in Baltimore without four wheels.  Being from Baltimore, I did not think living car free was possible before I found this blog.  Will I ever get this hardcore, who knows but it’s a great first-person account of living in Charm City car free.

3. Rebuilding Space in the Urban Place

I heart this blog for a couple of reasons.  First it provides an in-depth analysis on the issues taking place in the DC area in  the areas of urban planning, development and politics.   Second, though the blog author, Richard Layman, may not remember, gave my first blog Urban Ethnic Focus a big shout out on Rebuilding Space, which drove up the site traffic considerably.

4. Miamism (@Ines)

While this is a website that focuses on real estate I have to give it the thumbs up.  Those beautiful photos of Miami architecture, of the sun, the beaches, the people.  You would be crazy not to like this blog.  Oh, and Ines’ (the author) tweets and reviews on mojitos will make you want a mojito!

5.  Urbanophile (@urbanophile)

Providing great analysis and discussion on urban issues in  Mid-West, Urbanophile is where it’s at.  I check on the happenings at this blog at least once a week.

6.  Montreal State of Mind (@JeanAymeri)

I want to go to the Montreal International Jazz Festival this year so I decided to start checking on local blogs  to get a feel for life in Montreal.  This blog is visually appealing and has lots of good information.

7.  StreetsBLOG

This blog covers urban/city issues on both coasts – specifically NYC, LA, San Francisco, and DC.  An enjoyable read for us urban-loving types.

8.  Spotted by Locals (@spottedbylocals)

A treasure trove of information on Euro locales.  A heavy focus on urbanism and related issues which makes me giddy!

9.  The Pop-Up City

Wicked Urbanity wants to be like The Pop-Up City when it grows up.  It’s that good.

10.  BLDGBLOG (@bldgblog)

A photograph-heavy blog on urbanscapes and buildings.  I could star that this blog for hours.  Seriously.


3 Comments on “My Favorite Urban Blogs & Websites”

  1. Thanks so much for recommending Spotted by Locals. I just discovered another blog with great urbanism articles – The Pop-up city. I’m sure you’ll like it!

    Wrote about it here:

  2. Sorry, just see you found it already!

  3. Bart,

    Thank you for stopping by. I read the article of bloggers being the new city branders – that post was very on point.

    -Vanessa Nicole

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