The Great Meetup Experiment of 2011

I signed up for about a year and a half ago to become more involved in activities around Baltimore and DC. But it never happened. And here are my excuses for it not happening:

1. My extreme commute to and from work. We are talking about 1.5 hours each way. From Monday-Thursday (and sometimes Friday) I was too worn out to attend anything extracurricular on a week night.

2. My sometimes retiring personality. It’s weird because I can hold court when I need to (which is a lot considering the field I work in) but sometimes I don’t want to get ‘into character’.

In 2011, I want to harness the power of – which will enable me to learn more about my city, make connections and perhaps provide value to whomever I come into contact with along the way. With that said, the great Meetup Experiment of 2011 will commence. I want to participate in 3 activities per month to start.  Posts on the outcomes of these activities will make it to Wicked Urbanity.

People of the interwebs have you ever participated in a Meetup event?  If so, what is your take on the event and


4 Comments on “The Great Meetup Experiment of 2011”

  1. Jacquie says:

    I am a Meetup slore! I used to be on sooooo many groups…but never went to anything! For the reasons same as yours but I was in school and semi-broke, sooo, yeah. Now, I have it wittled down to a handful and it is a lot more manageable.

    Let me know when you wanna hang, especially if you like sushi! 🙂

  2. Jacquie,

    I had to look up the word slore on Urban LOL! Does this mean I am getting old?!?

    And I love sushi. Will get in contact with you on Facebook.

  3. Miss Andi K. says:

    I am a former NYC’er and went to a few meetups while there. I must admit that those were some of the strangest women I’ve met in a while. I hate to say that too, because the topic was really awesome.

    The purpose of the group was to discuss the book, “The Four Agreements”, which was awesome,but the people in the group seemed hell-bent on discussing their bitter lives and used it as their personal therapy sessions (lol!). So, I did not return to that group or any other. I guess NYC is a tough one though, because there is so much impromptu stuff to do there.

    Great idea though, I hope your 2011 goal comes to fruition! 🙂

    • Hi AndiK and thanks for stopping by!

      And this is the reason why I decided to not participate book clubs meet up groups! Ha. Which is is a shame because I am book nerd. But I’ve been to one book club meeting before (not related) and that same vibe was present. Um, no thanks. The groups I am involved are dinner club and health/exercise related. I’ve attended one already at had a blast. Lots of nice people and no Debbie Downers in the group!

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