The last time I posted a blog entry was well over a month ago…there is a reason for that…

1.  New life events, the most dramatic being a new job.  I have left a ‘pure’ urban planner role migrating over to a community relations role in a different work setting.  AND I no longer have to do the unsustainable 40-miles each way hell commute anymore (unsustainable environmentally, physically and mentally!).  Interestingly enough, I am more of a planner in some ways now in that I now get to interact with community issues even more so and I am a bit higher on the food chain with the ability to make an impact.

2.  The realization that I do not have the time nor the inclination to turn this website into something akin to harder hitting issue focused blog (just take a look at the FYI section to the right to get a feel for what that type of website  looks like).

With that said, this blog is going to go through a ‘restructuring.’  I use that word because in the last two years my personal and professional lives have been through a major overhaul, and with pretty good results!  I am still fleshing out the details in my mind but I want to focus more on the essence of my hometown and pretty much any other place on the planet I will end up.  One thing I do know is that the look of the page has to change.  I want something much more sleek and beautiful (no offense free WordPress template).

Side note:  Can I just mention that I cannot believe this blog still gets daily hits.  I expected flatline WordPress analytics!  Ha!  Thank you to all who stop by probably wondering why the place was growing a bit stale.

So stay tuned for a restructured Wicked Urbanity.  If you have any idea or suggestions please feel free to email me at wickedurbanity [at] gmail dot com.

With much love,

Vanessa Nicole