The Great Meetup Experiment of 2011

I signed up for about a year and a half ago to become more involved in activities around Baltimore and DC. But it never happened. And here are my excuses for it not happening:

1. My extreme commute to and from work. We are talking about 1.5 hours each way. From Monday-Thursday (and sometimes Friday) I was too worn out to attend anything extracurricular on a week night.

2. My sometimes retiring personality. It’s weird because I can hold court when I need to (which is a lot considering the field I work in) but sometimes I don’t want to get ‘into character’.

In 2011, I want to harness the power of – which will enable me to learn more about my city, make connections and perhaps provide value to whomever I come into contact with along the way. With that said, the great Meetup Experiment of 2011 will commence. I want to participate in 3 activities per month to start.  Posts on the outcomes of these activities will make it to Wicked Urbanity.

People of the interwebs have you ever participated in a Meetup event?  If so, what is your take on the event and