Off-Topic Friday: Wanderlust Edition

Today’s off-topic links were inspired by my desire to start traveling again this year. 2010 was a hardcore year that did not allow for me to do the traveling I so love to do. Here’s to 2011 being the exact opposite. Enjoy the links and the architecture wonder of the day!

Bonnie Greer on London – Black Atlas

Midnight Walking Through Paris – jordan gordon’s blog

Northern Lights Festival – Travelrific Travel Journal

Island Music:  Concha Buika a Afro-Spanish Collective – Island Organics

Dubai Skyline
Source: Joaquin Alterio (Flickr)


Off-Topic Friday: Women Bloggers Edition

Here are the jewels I found over the Christmas holiday on the web. When I was supposed to be on a digital sabbatical. Oh well, will try the digital sabbatical again for Lent (um did I just commit myself to 40 days with out the internet, Facebook or Twitter? Yikes!).

The Art of Inviting Yourself:  Never Deny Yourself Entry To Anything – Global Black Women

Good Luck and Fine Quality for 10,000 Years – The Sojourner’s Passport

Why Travel Will Always Be on the Top of Everyone’s List – Castles in the Air

A Vision is not a To Do List – Wise Living Blog

5 Big Ass Lies About Writing – Media Strut

My architecture photo pick of the week does not have man-made architecture in it, just the architecture created by Mother Earth. Enjoy!

Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

Sunset at Playa Conchal, Costa Rica
Source: Kianoosh Raika (Flickr)

Off-Topic Friday 11/19/10

This week was a rough one. Between getting over the flu, dealing with office politics, and hunting (at the supermarket) for a respectable turkey for Thanksgiving, this off-topic Friday almost did not happen. But alas, here I am with pre-Thanksgiving goodies from the interwebs.

Not really off-topic but a good blog post: A Municipal Planner’s Call to Arms (and Legs, Hearts and Lungs) – PlaceShakers and NewsMakers

Facing Your Fears:  Tales of a Fly Female Entrepreneur – Uptown Magazine

Goodbye Hungary – Traditional Cultures are Disappearing Fast – Jet Set Citizen

Beware of the Fake Farmers Market at the Grocery Store – Natural News

Facebook Fatigue, Friendship and Focus – The Extinct Existentialist

…the architecture photo of the week is a beautiful shot of Lisbon, Portugal at sunset

Sunset at Lisboa
Source: Francisco Antunes (Flickr)

Off-Topic Friday

My life isn’t all reading architectural plans, haggling over policy decisions and taking tours of new development sites. So I don’t see the point of this blog being just about that either. With that said, I present Off-Topic Fridays. Interesting tidbits that I find around on the web. Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

America and the ‘Fun’ Generation – Anand Giridharadas
Shameless self-promotion: My guest blog article on Susan Fales-Hill – Global Black Women
When It’s Hard to Hide Your Personal Life at Work – Wall Street Journal
Your are Somebody (Not Just a Number) – Ridiculously Extraordinary

And since this is Halloween Weekend, a very spooky looking structure called Scott Monument in Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh architecture
Source: Doug Wheller, Flickr