Majora Carter on Local Eco-Entrepreneurship

I first learned of Majora Carter and her work back in 2006 while checking out TED videos on urban planning. The TED talk Ms. Carter gave back then was titled ‘Greening the Ghetto’, describing how she came back to her community in the South Bronx to improve the living conditions through green initiatives.  It was such an aspiring talk that I have followed Ms. Carter’s career ever since.  This TED talk discusses three examples of eco-entrepreneurship and is just as inspirational as the ‘Greening the Ghetto’ talk.  Ms. Carter is passionate about her purpose which comes across on the below video.  Check it out, you will learn a great deal.


“The City is not the problem, its the solution…”

To get over my sadness about not being able to attend the TEDx MidAtlantic conference in DC this past Friday, I decided to look at some TED Talks on sustainability and pretend I attended as hard as I could!  While checking out a few of the talks, I came across this presentation given by Jaime Lerner, former mayor of Curitiba, Brazil.  For those not in the know, Curitiba has become a world model for sustainability with a focus on transportation (specifically Bus Rapid Transit).  Take a look at talk, it ends in the Lerner singing and the audience providing the music!