Off-Topic Friday: Wanderlust Edition

Today’s off-topic links were inspired by my desire to start traveling again this year. 2010 was a hardcore year that did not allow for me to do the traveling I so love to do. Here’s to 2011 being the exact opposite. Enjoy the links and the architecture wonder of the day!

Bonnie Greer on London – Black Atlas

Midnight Walking Through Paris – jordan gordon’s blog

Northern Lights Festival – Travelrific Travel Journal

Island Music:  Concha Buika a Afro-Spanish Collective РIsland Organics

Dubai Skyline
Source: Joaquin Alterio (Flickr)


Obligatory Thanksgiving Day Blog Post

Thanksgiving is many circles of love: A story of one ThanksgivingSource: controltheweb (Flickr)

The title of the above photo is Thanksgiving is many Circles of Love – A Story of One Thanksgiving.¬†Very cool photo and the idea behind it, don’t you think?

Thought I would slip in a small, cheesy blog post before I journey up to visit Grandma for the holidays. Here is what I am thankful for:

#1 – Family and Friends
#2 – Finding my voice, finally
#3 – That I will be traveling in a dignified fashion (no feel ups or body scanning for me)
#4 – That I was born a Millennial (or Gen Y…I still don’t know what the agreed upon term is). The world, though scary and uncertain, is full of possibilities.

Have an Enjoyable Thanksgiving,

Vanessa Nicole